Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Keep it simple

Oh the joys of defeat. The mural will not be happening for Burning Man this year. Put simply, we do not have time. Everything else (of course) has taken longer than expected.

So for the sake of keeping things simple yet still aesthetically pleasing, the Lumia will be a grande pillar of shining white. Her colors will glow and evolve at night and draw in you in like a moth to the flame. You will witness the cosmos. You will have visions that blend with those only previously seen inside your head.

In the words of Thomas Wilfred... no admission charge, no questions asked, no philosophy propounded... remain as long as you like, to rest your ears and bathe your soul in the slowly evolving sequences of radiant form, pure color and graceful motion.

posted by jenny


Sven Xavier said...

Hi there. A google search turned up your blog. I'm AJ Epstein, nephew and partner in all things lumia with Eugene. I'm REALLY intrigued by your Lumia.

Interesting timing, as we are (just this week) getting started on preliminary work for the Clavilux restoration.

anyways, drop me a line if you're interested in talking some






Anonymous said...

oops. AJ again, I posted that from the wrong account. Not a spammer ; )

CJ said...

So sorry to hear this. Could the mural be an on playa project?